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So you’ve just gotten New Headshots. Now what?

With Kelly Mullis Photography, you will have received a disc of your entire shoot.  Using your computer, review your New Headshots making them large enough to look like 8x10’s.  Write down the frame number of your favorite shots.  Even if you kind of think you like it....write it down.

Now go to your local Drug Store, Savon or RiteAid, and use the Kodak Picture Maker. The prints will cost 29 cents each.  Just pop the disc in and select your favorites that you wrote down.
This is the cheapest place to get your 4x6 prints, so that you can:

1)  Show your friends or agents to get their opinion.
2)  Narrow down your choices by process of elimination by spreading them out in front
of you on the floor and weeding out the ones that don’t jump out. 

Ultimately you will need the following Final Shots:
1)  Energetic Commercial shot that shows your personality.
2)  Confident Theatrical shot that conveys something in your eyes.
3)  Cool Character Shot, that you could feasibly be cast as. 


Time for your 8 x 10’s. 

If your Headshots were done in Film, you will need your negatives to get your 8 x 10 blowup. 
If done in Digital, you will need the disc.  You will need to consider what type of border you want.
Options for borders are:

a)  Bleed Border (picture covers entire page) (not advisable if your face is big in the photo)
b)  Thin Black Line (used with white border) (very clean look)
c)  Sloppy Border ( great to use with an edgy photo)
d)  Black Border with thin line that is red, blue, yellow, or white. (very hip these days)


Two places I recommend for 8 x 10’s are:

1145 N. La Brea Ave.  (Cross street Santa Monica)
Hollywood, CA 90038
323 . 876 . 8085
8 x 10  costs  $13 (4 day turn around) 

“Ray the Retouchers”  (also great place for RETOUCHING, minimum price $35)
1330 N. Highland Ave.  (1/2 block N. of Santa Monica)
LA, CA 90028
323 . 463 .0555
8 x 10 costs $13 (usually 2 day turn around)

Once you’ve selected and received your Original 8 x 10’s of your favorite shots, then
it’s time to get REPRODUCTIONS.

Here you have Two Options:

Photographic Reproduction vs. Lithographic Reproductions. 
Lithos are far cheaper, however, the quality pales in comparison to Photographic copies.
If you want to be taken seriously in this Industry of Show Business, I would STRONGLY
Recommend that you invest the extra money and get Photographic Copies. 

Remember, your Headshot is your calling card, your business card.  This is the first impression to an Agent or Casting Director, so you want to make it as great as you can!!! 

So go Photo if you can afford it.  It’s worth it.  The Reproduction will look almost exactly as
good as your Original 8 x10.  And it’s classy!

When you order your Reproductions, you will need to pick out a Font for your name.
Go through their Sample Font Book and choose a font that represents the vibe of your Photo and the image you want to convey.  Keep it simple and not too fancy.  It has to be read clearly!
Some Agents don’t even want you to put your name on your photo, so be sure to ask them what they prefer.  If you don’t have an agent, I would suggest you put your name on the photo. 
There will be a one time “Setup Fee” per photo, usually $25 extra.

Recommendations for REPRODUCTIONS:
1)  “Ray the Retouchers”  (see above)
2)  “Isgo” Lepejian           (see above)
       3499 Cahuenga Boulevard West
       Los Angeles, CA 90068
       Tel : 323.845.9598

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