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about the shoot

about the shoot

the turnaround:      One working day for discs (digital) or proofs, discs, & negs (film shoot).
the light:                 Natural Light with a studio feel and look.
wardrobe/image:   You and I will discuss what image you are going for. Below are some suggestions as to what to bring to your photo shoot.  As a basic rule, it’s best to stay away from too busy patterns, ie: Hawaiian shirts and polka dots (unless you’re a comedian). Logos aren’t so great either unless they are totally cool!!! Sometimes Hawaiian shirts can be cool if you are going for the funny character.

what’s your category? Corporate Guy, Young Dad, Rocker, Bad Guy, Sitcom Guy, Detective, Doctor, Lawyer, Cop, Surfer/Snow Boarder, Gen X,  College Student, skinhead, gang member ( you can be as many as you like, but dress accordingly.)
suggestions for men: Solid dark colors, blazer, a black button down shirt, a nice colored button down (that makes your eyes stand out),  a couple of ties, dark turtle neck,  v-neck shirt, sweaters, Tan Corduroy Blazer, a white and a black t-shirt, tank shirt, Vintage, Gen X, or Hip Hop Clothes.

what’s your category? Corporate Diva, Young Mom, College Coed, Conservative, Sexy, Tough Girl, Quirky Sitcom Girl, Gen X, Lawyer, Detective, Cop, Doctor, Seductress, Goth Girl, Grandma, White Trash Girl, High Priced Prostitute, Low Priced Hooker ( Find your greatest assets and work’em.)
suggestions for women: Dark Blazer, fitted white button down shirt, favorite jeans, sweaters with interesting collars, dark turtle neck, sexy blouses, dark slinky strappy number, a cool t-shirt, favorite jacket, hooded zip up,  cool vintage clothes, slutty clothes, tank shirts. (anything that makes you feel fabulous!) Think about your characters.

men: I don’t really think it’s necessary. Be the real you! Unless you tend to be shiny, then bring some powder that best matches your skin tone.
ladies: I can help you with your make-up if you aren’t comfortable doing your own, but keep in mind that you will be doing your own make-up when you go on the audition and it is very important that you look like your headshot when you walk into that Casting Director’s Office.
*Please style your hair as you normally would and I’ll make sure it looks great in the pictures.

Being an actress in this town for the past 20 years, I know how scary and stressful shooting Headshots can be. It’s not that way when you shoot with me. We’ll have fun and you can be yourself, I don’t mind at all. In fact, that’s the whole point. So be the wonderful YOU that only you can be and let’s get you on the road to Fame & Fortune.  Thank you and I look forward to shooting you soon!  ; )

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